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Emotional Intelligence: Course1: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

I.Q gets you hired, E.Q gets you promoted

Learn to:

• Identify your Emotional “triggers”
• Identify Others “triggers”
• Improve your Listening & Questioning skills
• Enhance relationship building skills, at home and at work
• Increase in Self confidence
• Understand your reactions to others attitudes
• Enhance leadership skills

You get:
1 day interactive, facilitator led, self explorative workshop where we take an in depth look at your current levels on emotional Intelligence and create an action plan to improve your ability to identify and adapt more effectively with others in an emotionally challenging situation.

This Includes:
Participant workbook; self EI profiling exercise and action plan cards.


"Peter has the caliber of an exemplary training professional. He is very clear with his course objectives and makes sure that the learner benefits from the training, equipped with the valuable information, effective mentoring techniques and a humane way of understanding the learner’s needs". Joseph E. B. Dumadag

"It was a lot of fun, never got bored because Peter involves everyone the whole time. Useful and extremely informative, I gained a lot of knowledge through attending". Elizma Le Roux

Peter Green is part psychologist, part emotional genius and absolutely accurate in his ability to assess personality traits and problems. One day with him did more than years of therapy and meditation and introspection could ever do. And I am so proud that the girl who walked out at 4pm was an entirely different person. Lauren Thompson


Emotional Intelligence: Course 2: Developing E.Q

"People may hear you words, but they feel your attitude". John C Maxwell

Learn to:

• Understand Emotions; Behaviour & The Brain
• Pperceive & understand emotions
• Recognise the impact of Emotions
• Control Emotions and Impulsive surges
• Withstand pressure and regulate Stress
• Perceive and understand the emotions of Others
• Develop and maintain positive & meaningful relationships with others
• Motivate & guide others towards a goal or vision
• Develop your personal EQ development action plan.

You get:

A 2-Day, Facilitator led engaging & interactive workshop which delves deep into the understanding of our brain triggers, our reactions and the impact of our reactions on others. In addition we assist you to identify others emotions and plan your reaction so as to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship both at work and at home.

This includes:
Participant manual & concepts guide; Multi Rater E.Q profile plus 5 raters; Individual & team commitment cards.

Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand". Albert Einstein.


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