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Interpersonal Skills Course: How to Build Effective Relationships

Good Interpersonal Relationships are vital for our success in Business & Life

Learn to:

• Understand more about yourself ; expectations; desires; motives
• Understand others that have different motives; expectations; desires
• Identify the difficulties you have in relating to behaviour of others
• Identify what causes you stress in your business and personal relationships
• Identify behaviours which cause mistrust in your team
• Understand how to develop a plan for improving Interpersonal relationships
• Ability to develop your Interpersonal versatility

You get:
A 2-Day, Facilitator led, interactive workshop designed to make you aware of your ability to become a more effective communicator in your Personal and Business Life.

This Includes:
Participant workbook; Behavioural & Versatility profile; access to ongoing support material


Look at this video to understand Social Styles better!



Peter was an engaging and entertaining facilitator who immediately set us at ease. This enabled us to be open in discussions and to honestly explain our Social Styles. I wish everyone I know could do this course. Joanne Brett

Thank you for facilitating this amazing course! I am taking away from it amazing memories of valuable knowledge about my Social Style and how I can improve my relationships with colleagues, peers, friends and students. Nicole du Plooy

Very well organized course that promoted engagement from all participants. The trainer was exceptional and encouraged questions and continuous involvement. He created a friendly relaxed environment. The purpose for attending this workshop was achieved. Highly informative and brilliantly executed. Janescia Naiker


Course 2: Producing Results With Others

Strained workplace Relationships severely affect Productivity

Learn to:

Turn relationships into assets
• Increase workplace Communication, Morale, Effectiveness & Productivity
• Iron out differences and maintain well-working team.
• Increase support and respect from others
• Improve key relationships thro role-playing exercises

You get:

2 Day Facilitator led engaging, interactive workshop using role play and group interactive sessions

This includes:
Participant Workbook; Reminder Booklet; Accepts/Rejects Card; Improving Key Relationships guide; Skills guide card; Achieving Higher Versatility Resource Guide; Self profile including 5 ratings from others.

empathy (noun) The ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to guide our actions."

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