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Leadership & Management Course: Improving Managerial Effectiveness With Versatility

“Main cause of Leadership failure is Inadequate Interpersonal Skills” ( Dr Casey Mulqueen)

Learn to:

• Improve your ability to Influence by understanding others - Situational Leadership
• Develop skill to make your people feel important
• Understand how to critique & praise people with their approval
• Effectively Coach and mentor your people
• Readily anticipate reactions to your decisions
• Steps for earning respect and support
• Head off unnecessary conflict
• Adjust your style appropriately to develop mutually productive relationships with reports and fellow Managers
• Focus on the real issues effecting your productivity as a Manager

You get:
A 2-Day Facilitator led engaging, interactive workshop using role play and group interactive sessions

This Includes:
Participants Workbook; online BEQ profile report; Concepts Guide; Versatility Questionnaire


I really liked how Peter adjusted the training according to the group dynamic. Jakkie Koekemoer

Brilliant presenter, definitely knew what he was talking about and was very enjoyable to get training from him. Chanel Van Der Bergh

Enjoyed the course a lot. I feel that Peter shared a lot of personal experiences and examples thatmade it easy to relate. I enjoyed the material. I think that this will be very beneficial in my future. Evette Meyer

This course will be valuable for our Principals and Deputies In all schools across all brands. I will strongly recommend that it be part of our Management toolkit. Sydney Mokena


Course 2: Understanding & Managing Behavioural Differences

Treating people the way “they want to be treated” is the key to Leading and Managing people.

Learn to:

• Understand Assertiveness and Responsiveness
• Identify your Behavioural Management Strengths and Weakness’
• Understand Tension Management
• Recognise stressful behaviour and address effectively
• Identify your Versatility when dealing with others
• Be able to identify others needs and motivate accordingly
• Create a motivated and willing team environment
• Manage conflict within your team

You get:

A 2-Day Facilitator led, interactive workshop including video exercises, group role play and One-one-One feedback.

This includes:

Participant workbook; Versatility Resource guide; Behavioural and Versatility profile


Look at this video to understand Behavioural Management better!



“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.“ Ralph Nader

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