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Sales Course: Basic Sales Skills for 2018

“You have to sell yourself ....First”

Learn to:

• Understand the importance of the “1st 3 seconds”
• Understand what you look & sound like
• Relating and Influencing
• Getting to know your prospect and their company
• “Test closing” during the 1st Interview
• Prospecting after 1st Interview
• Understanding the Full Sales Cycle
• Managing your activity to achieve Sales targets

You get:
A 1-Day facilitator ( 25 years Sales & Management experience) led, fully interactive workshop; role-playing; one-on-one exercises and video exercises.

This Includes:
Participant Sales manual; Behavioural self profile plus Managers rating; BMS template & Sales Introduction template.


It was the best teaching experience I have ever had from a learning perspective, and I’’ve learnt so much. Brandon Shaw

The training was exceptional, really reinforced what I thought about myself. Taught me how to deal with other people from a business, social and home perspective. Thembi Mngomenthu

Sales Course Advanced: Achieving Super Sales Effectiveness

“Customers Needs First......Your Offering Last”

Learn to:

• Gain Customer respect & Confidence
• Improved Communication skills with learnt Versatility
• Understand your preferred method of interacting
• Understand your Prospects/Customers preferred method of interacting
• Understand how to adjust your behavioural approach to create/close more Sales
• Increase/Decrease Tension throughout Sales/Closing process
• Create & maintain mutually beneficial relationship in the long term
• How to receive a continuous flow of prospects
• Manage your Business and your Clients
• Increase your Versatility by building your Image, Presentation, Competence & Feedback
• Understand how to overcome Indifference and resistance from your prospects

You get:
2-Day interactive, engaging workshop with Role play & Coaching, Video exercises and Feedback

This Includes:
Participant workbook, Increasing Versatility handbook, 15 page Behavioural profile with 5 additional ratings, access to ongoing up-skilling.


Look at this video to understand Social Styles in Sales better!



Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around their neck that says, “Make me feel important.” Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life. Mary Kay Ash


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